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Upcoming Litters

We do not have any upcoming litters planned for 2023. Our next breeding is likely to take place in late 2024. Please email or FB message to inquire about the wait list.

To download our application, click below. 

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The Puppy Process

What to expect when waiting on a puppy

How does the waitlist work?

While our waitlist is generally 1-2 years long as we only breed 1-2 litters per year at the most, we will accept applications from interested parties which can be downloaded from the link above. Once your application is received, your name is added to the list to be kept up to date with puppy plans and progress. We do not utilize numbers or an "order" on our list as each puppy is matched to the best available home based on personality, temperament and performance/pet/show desires for each home. We also do not accept deposits ahead of time.
Some preference is given to homes who already have a Sweetpea Springer and show/performance homes.

How is my puppy chosen?

Each puppy is evaluated at 8-9 weeks of age for show and performance prospects. At that time, we choose ones to retain for our program. Once that is completed, pet and performance prospect puppies will be offered to the homes we feel are the best match. We do take color and sex preference into account but cannot guarantee a puppy of the preferred sex/color will be available. Should you choose not to take a puppy if one is offered, you can opt to remain on the list for the next litter or we are happy to provide referrals to other reputable breeders.

Why can't I choose my own puppy?

We know the puppies best as we have been evaluating them since birth. We pride ourselves in choosing a good match for you and your family and strive to avoid temperament/energy level mismatches that can be common when people unfamiliar with the puppies make the choices. It's very important to us that our puppies remain in the homes as cherished lifelong companions. The best way to ensure that is to allow us to guide the choice for you.
If we do not have an appropriate match for you, we are always happy to provide referrals to other reputable breeders.

What all should I include on my application?

Please ensure your application is as detailed as possible. Provide us all the information you can about your lifestyle and plans for your life with your dog. We do call veterinary references so please ensure that your vet office is aware we may be calling. We also always appreciate it when people make the effort to come meet us at shows or events to get to know us and the dogs. We will allow home visits as time and travel schedules permit.

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